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Visual Identity Development

Aromaflora is a brand that produces and sells aromatherapy products, made for people who think not only about beauty, but also about well-being and preservation of the environment, and they spare no effort when it comes to personal and family care. .

It is a company that believes in and respects plurality and believes that innovation can be done in a sustainable way, respecting nature, generating opportunity for people who live off it and at the same time taking advantage of all its principles in favor of health and well-being. be.

   The Identity, which has the attributes of being balanced, sustainable, innovative and plural, carries these concepts in its construction. The typography was inspired by the growth of trees which, with their roots, convey solidity, while at the same time being a symbol of renewal. The slimmer lines bring sophistication to the identity.


With tailor-made products, the brand has a broad voice that communicates and understands people's pains and desires, meeting the real needs of each one.


To reinforce this whole concept, the colors were inspired by tones of nature, more precisely in earth tones and foliage.

Innovating requires thinking outside the box, and that's what we did. Bringing more sophistication to an artisanal product, Aromaflora stands out against similar products. Thinking about sustainability, the company encourages its customers to return the containers in exchange for discounts, reducing the disposal of waste in nature.

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